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Women's Health Program

The mission of this program is to improve understanding of women's physical and mental health, with the goal of enhancing the well-being of women across the lifespan. To this end, we aim to support research on sex and gender differences and women's health needs; to develop innovative empirically-supported interventions to promote women's mental health; and to mentor women in psychiatry, psychology and the health sciences. Current initiatives within this program span the areas of research, education and clinical service.


Recent and ongoing research projects include the following:
  • A large-scale, longitudinal, laboratory-based investigation of emotion dysregulation as a prospective predictor of sexual revictimization and its proximal risk factors (including substance use and risky sexual behaviors) in young adult women;
  • A laboratory-based study of the intergenerational transmission of BPD-relevant personality traits and emotion regulation capacity from mothers to infants;
  • A study of anxiety sensitivity in pregnancy and its impact on prenatal and postnatal outcomes.

Clinical services

  • We specialize in the provision of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) for borderline personality disorder (BPD) and related pathology (e.g., self-injury, risky behaviors, substance use) in women.
  • We have developed an empirically-supported treatment for emotion regulation difficulties and related risky behaviors in women with BPD. We also provide trainings in the provision of this treatment to clinicians in the United States and Europe.