Veterinary Care

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Veterinary Care

The Center for Computational Research veterinary staff implements veterinary medical services/programs for all research animals at UMMC. The veterinary staff provides guidance to investigators and laboratory personnel involved in the care and use of animals to ensure appropriate handling, immobilization, sedation, analgesia, anesthesia, and euthanasia. Specific aspects of the veterinary program deal with the following:

  • Preventive medicine: rodent health surveillance, animal quarantine/conditioning programs.
  • Diagnosis, treatment, and control of clinical disease, including zoonosis control.
  • Management of protocol-associated disease, disability, or other sequelae.
  • Anesthesia, surgery, postsurgical care, and analgesia
  • Assessment of animal well being.
  • Euthanasia.

A member of the CCR veterinary staff is on-call at all times. 

Office information

  • Office hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday
    (601) 984-1385
    Fax: (601) 984-1742
  • Emergency, weekend,and holiday: (601) 899-2643
  • Hotline to report an animal welfare concern or non-compliance


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