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  • Teaching in Medical Education: Residents as Teachers

    The University of Mississippi Medical Center's (UMMC) Office
    of Academic Affairs offers a program to teach residents how to
    teach medical students and other adult learners. Teaching
    in Medical Education (TIME): Residents as Teachers

    is a nine-session course, which can be completed via HealthStream.

    For UMMC Residents

    UMMC residents should complete the TIME: Residents as Teachers course, including nine sessions and respective evaluations through UMMC's HealthStream.  Once the course is complete, residents will receive a certificate of completion appropriate for incorporation into a professional portfolio.

    Evaluations for all sessions must be completed to complete the course. Certificates are issued in June of each year to UMMC residents who complete all nine sessions and evaluations prior to May 1 of the same year.

    Registration for UMMC residents

    Complete the steps listed below.

    • Complete the electronic registration form. The link is below.
      Time For Residents - Registration
    • View each of the nine sessions and complete the corresponding
    • Upon completion of the sessions and evaluations, a certificate of completion will be available in HealthStream.

    Please direct all questions to the UMMC TIME: Residents as Teachers program coordinator, Dr. Natalie W. Gaughf ( nwgaughf1@umc.edu) (601) 815-4233.


    Thank you for your commitment to education.