Transportation and Parking

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Sidewalk and Road Construction

Construction to impact sidewalks and pedestrian routing from parking Garage A into University Hospital beginning July 5


Beginning July 5, the elevator and stairwell on the southwest corner of garage A will be closed to the ground level only for approximately one month due to construction.

All pedestrian traffic to University hospital will be directed out the east exit point on the first floor of Garage A and around to the original School of Medicine (North Wing) entrance.

Wayfinding signs will be in place to direct pedestrians accordingly. See attached map for wayfinding as well as a construction drawing showing the area being impacted.

Shuttle stop changes

Due to the construction impacting sidewalks, roads and pedestrian paths at the University Hospital entrance, changes to shuttle bus routes are necessary. While the construction begins July 5, route changes will begin July 2. Construction will take about three to four months.

  • Red and Gold lines will not stop at Shuttle Stop 13 near the University Hospital entrance. 
  • Green and Night line and the Medical Van will be able to enter and pass thru the circle to reach Shuttle Stop 13.
  • The Blue line will have a new Shuttle Stop 13 moved to the stop sign on the corner near the University Hospital flag pole. Entering and exiting the Blue line shuttle bus will occur only at the stop sign.

While it is not illegal to pass a shuttle bus, it is dangerous. Do not pass a shuttle bus loading or unloading passengers. Consider avoiding congested intersections during high traffic times.


Campus Police will be posted during high traffic times to monitor and control vehicle access in this congested area. Please eliminate front-door deliveries during the construction period. Campus Police will not allow vehicles to park or sit idle.