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Host a Fundraiser or Special Event

A philanthropic partnership with Batson Hospital provides businesses and individuals in the community an opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to Mississippi's children.

Fundraising project and event proposal information

If you are interested in planning a fundraising project or a special event for Batson Children's Hospital, review the guidelines listed below. After you have read all of the guidelines, then click the link to fill out the Fundraising Project and Event Proposal form online.


  • No announcement or publicity of any proposed event may be made until approval has been granted.
  • Fundraising projects and events are approved if they represent the hospital appropriately and uphold our mission and image.
  • The completed proposal form must be submitted at least 30 days in advance of any event for timely consideration. Forms are reviewed on a weekly basis. You can expect an answer within 2 weeks.
  • The hospital logo and name may be used only after approval has been granted. All printed materials and other publicity to be published or broadcast with the logo or name must be submitted for review prior to printing and distribution.
  • In naming the event, Batson Children's Hospital should be used as the beneficiary. For example: (Event name) benefiting Batson Children's Hospital. If there will be co-beneficiaries, note on the proposal form.
  • We can provide your organization with hospital logos, patient stories, informational materials, fact sheets, and/or canisters to collect money (must be returned).
  • All necessary permits and certificates of insurance required by city ordinance or otherwise are the responsibility of your group.

We cannot do the following:

  • sell tickets
  • provide volunteers for your event or project
  • advance monies
  • solicit sponsorship revenue on behalf of your group
  • provide celebrity endorsements or appearances
  • obtain liquor licenses for your event or project

By submitting theĀ form (see below) and obtaining approval from Batson Children's Hospital, you acknowledge and agree that all net proceeds shall be submitted to Batson Children's Hospital within 45 days. Funds should be made payable to and mailed to:

  • Batson Children's Hospital
    Office of Development
    2500 N. State St.
    Jackson, MS 39216

If you still have questions about special events, fundraising or making monetary donations to Batson Children's Hospital, contact Development at (601) 984-2300.

Batson Fundraising Project and Event Proposal form

Before submitting the Fundraising Project and Event Proposal form, please be sure to read the guidelines on the previous page. The application must be approved prior to publicizing or holding the event.

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