Safety and Community Outreach

Kohl's Car Seat and Helmet Program

Healthy kids, happy kids! Kohl's partners with more than 160 hospitals nationwide to help educate kids and their parents about injury prevention, asthma, immunizations, childhood obesity and more.

kohls-care-logo.jpgKohl's supports community outreach programs focused on issues affecting kids and works with Batson Children's Hospital to tailor the programs based on our community's needs.

Kohl's sells kid-friendly cause merchandise, with 100 percent of the net profit donated to support kids' health and education initiatives in communities nationwide. Since 2006, more than $100,000 has been raised for Batson Children's Hospital.

Kohl's bicycle safety program

The bicycle safety program is a cooperative effort with local and state agencies to decrease the number of injuries due to bicycle accidents. Through this program, children receive bicycle education, bicycle helmets and tutorials through bicycle rodeos when available.

Kohl's car seat program

Mississippi has a 90% misuse rate of car seats. Through this program, we are able to provide proper installation of car seats and child passenger education to parents.

Kohl's Cares merchandise

Every season, Kohl's offers special items for sale with all profits donated to children's hospitals. Your purchase supports programs designed to meet the needs of children in your community. You can view each season's collection at Kohl's Cares Merchandise.