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J-1 Exchange Students

Obtaining J-1 Visa at U.S. Consulate

ois---j1.jpgThe J-1 applicant will report to the U.S. consulate with jurisdiction over his/her place of residence with the original Form DS-2019 issued by UMMC, evidence that the $180 SEVIS fee has been paid, and other documentation or evidence required by the consulate. The consular officer overseeing the interview will verify that the applicant:

  • has paid the $180 SEVIS fee;
  • is in possession of a properly completed Form DS-2019 signed by the Responsible Officer or Alternate Responsible Officer;
  • has sufficient funding for the period he/she will participate in the program;
  • is sufficiently proficient in the English language to enable him/her to undertake the specific program;
  • has an intention to return to the home country after completing the exchange program;
  • is or is not subject to the two-year home country residence requirement.

If the consular officer is satisfied with the documentation presented by the J-1 applicant and the information provided by the applicant during the interview, the Form DS-2019 will be stamped and approved, and returned to him/her. A J-1 visa stamp will then be affixed to the applicant’s passport.