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Standards for Scholastic Performance | Progression Policies

Undergraduate Standards for Scholastic Performance

The SON Undergraduate Standards for Scholastic Performance Policy is located here.

Rounding Policy

To view the Grade Rounding Policy, please click here.

Graduate Standards for Scholastic Performance

The SON Graduate Standards for Scholastic Performance is located here.

Undergraduate and Graduate Progression Policies

Final grades in completed courses are available through the student portal at the end of each academic semester. The associate dean will notify students of actions taken after grades are reviewed. The registrar reserves the right to withhold transcripts and diplomas until all account holds are removed.

Leaves of Absence (LOA)

For the SON Leave of Absence Policy, click here.


For the SON Withdrawal Policy, click here.


Grades and progress of each student are reviewed by the associate dean at the end of each grading period.

Students who do not meet the established criteria will be notified. Progression in the baccalaureate programs requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 in all required nursing courses. Graduate students must have a minimum cumulative overall GPA of 3.0 in order to graduate. For more information about the Progression Policy, click here.

Required Revalidation Skills Checkoff

Students who have been out of a clinical course for more than one year are required to perform a revalidation skills checkoff prior to re-entering classes or clinical. The revalidation is necessary to ensure that the student has retained the knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform safe patient care for the semester to which they are returning. The student will be provided a list of required skills to be assessed and will also be provided opportunities to practice these skills prior to the revalidation skills checkoff. The student should make contact with the assistant dean for undergraduate programs one month prior to the beginning of the entering semester so arrangements for the checkoff can be made.


For more information on the Probation Policy, click here


For information on the Dismissal Policy, click here.


For information on the Re-admission Policy, click here.