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Student Communications

Current policies may be found in the UMMC Policy Tech, the Student Handbook and in course syllabi.  Please review these policies. For more information on the UMMC Student Communications Policy, click here.

Student Grievance

For information on the Grievance Policy, click here.

Office of Student Affairs and Service Learning

The School of Nursing Office of Student Affairs and Service Learning provides information, resources, and support to nursing students and prospective students through non-academic advisement, career guidance, enrollment management, orientation, recruitment, tutorial information, student leadership programs, community outreach, and special events. The assistant dean for students oversees the office of student affairs and service learning, coordinates, advises, and implements student policy, and manages strategic planning for student affairs.


Academic and career counseling is available through School of Nursing faculty, Student Affairs, administrative staff, and the University of Mississippi Medical Center Office of Academic Support Services. Mental health counseling is available through appropriate professionals at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and through contracts with other agencies through the Life Synch Student Assistance program. Associate deans, program directors, and the director of student affairs can assist students in locating such services as needed.

Student Organizations

Associated Student Body

The Associated Student Body is composed of designated administrators, student body officers, and presidents of other student organizations who meet to exchange information and plan activities affecting student life.

The Nursing Alumni Guardian Society

The society is a special organization sponsored by the nursing alumni at the University of Mississippi Medical Center to encourage extraordinary giving by nursing alumni, friends, and faculty of the School of Nursing. The gifts, representing either current or deferred contributions, may be restricted or undesignated. The membership of the society holds the responsibility of ensuring that available funds are distributed to the School of Nursing as well as serving as trustee for specially designated charitable programs.

Nursing Student Body Government

The Nursing Student Body Government is composed of students elected by their peers in accordance with the Nursing Student Body (NSB) constitution. The NSB Government plans student activities, fundraisers, and philanthropic activities for students in the School of Nursing with the guidance of the faculty advisor and director of student affairs.

Professional Student Organization

University Chapter, Mississippi Association of Student Nurses, is affiliated with the National Student Nurses' Association and gives the student an opportunity to participate in the professional activities of the organization.