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For information on our Admission Policy, click here.

The School of Nursing seeks individuals that are academically prepared. In addition, diversity, perseverance, leadership, and service are equally valued. Details about the admission process and links to the application can be found at the school’s website; select the “Prospective Student” tab. Students who withdraw or are dismissed from the School of Nursing must follow readmission policy even when applying to a different program within the School of Nursing.

LEGAL RESIDENCE – UMMC applies the definitions and conditions stated here as required by state law in the classification of students as residents or nonresidents for the assessment of fees. Requests for a review of residency classification should be submitted to the Office of Enrollment Management

RESIDENCE REQUIRED — No student may be admitted to the University of Mississippi Medical Center as a resident of Mississippi unless his/her residence has been in Mississippi preceding his/her admission.

RESIDENCY PETITIONS — Nonresidents may petition the University of Mississippi Medical Center for a change of residency classification. A person who enters Mississippi from another state and enters a system institution is considered a nonresident, unless the person meets the residency requirements as a minor or adult as set out above. Provided, however, that any person who has attained 21 years of age and has thereafter actually established residency as an adult and resided within Mississippi for 12 consecutive months after attaining 21 years of age upon sworn affidavit and other representation, may petition the University of Mississippi Medical Center for a change in residency classification for the purposes of fees and tuition assessment. UMMC may make reasonable inquiry into the validity of the petitioner's claim. Such petition for change of residency must be made on or before the last day a student may register at the Medical Center without penalty.

Application Procedure

Undergraduate and graduate applicants must apply online. For more information on the SON Application Procedure and Admission Deadlines, click here.

*NOTE: Nurse Practitioner tracks in the BSN to DNP Programs only accept admissions for the fall semester.

PhD - Information about application to the PhD in Nursing Program is included in the School of Graduate Studies in Health Sciences section of the Bulletin.


Freshman Early Entry Program

If you would like more information on the Early Entry Programs for Freshman, RN to BSN, and RN to MSN, click here.

Non-Degree Seeking Students (NDSS)

To access the SON Non-Degree Seeking Students Policy, click here.