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Tip Sheet for Requestors

digital-credentialing-logo.jpgPlease read before beginning your U Med Cred request application.

  • Click "New Request" on the far left to begin the application.
  • Decide how you will administer the assessment upon completion of the activity. Will you house the assessment in Canvas, Healthstream, Halogen, manual/paper, or other? If you will be using a Canvas course, please have the name of the course available as this information will be needed for completion of the request form.
  • Use the list of action verbs as a guide for writing the learning objectives for this activity. A good objective is observable and measurable. “Understand” and “know” are not measurable verbs that can be observed, assessed, or measured.  
    • Verbs that suggest levels of learning at least at the application level are best. Choose higher level learning objectives/outcomes if possible, such as analysis, synthesis and evaluation.
  • If your activity will allow for more than one level of the requested digital credential, be specific about the content and assessment associated with each level. If there will be a mastery level, be specific about the requirements for it. You must submit all information for each level before the credential will be approved.
  • If you are requesting a digital credential for an activity for which a third party (example: AHA, ACGME, ACS) already certifies, you will need to provide an assessment beyond that which is required of the third-party organization. This can be in the form of a reflection narrative, a plan for use of the skill in the future, a demonstration or teaching session for others or other assessment for the learner beyond what outside crediting body requires.
  • For the question that asks, “Will users be allowed to claim this credential on their own?” answer “no.”  In the future, this may change and, at that time, we will update this information. 
  • You will need the name and email address for each participant.

For a PDF version of this tip sheet, click here.

For questions not addressed in this tip sheet, contact the eCampus committee. A member of the digital credential subcommittee will contact you to offer assistance.