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Schedule Training

Any group of UMMC students or residents (in groups of three to six), any of the UMMC schools or basic science courses, and any UMMC clinical services or units are welcome to submit scheduling requests via email:

All schedule requests are subject to approval by the director or associate director.

When submitting a schedule request, indicate the following:

  • Trainees
    • How many trainees are anticipated?
    • What level of training is requested?
    • What are the learning objectives / purpose of training?
  • Available time / place
    • If requesting training for the current month, review the Simulation and Interprofessional Education Center calendar and find an unscheduled time interval.
    • If requesting training for an upcoming month, you may request any time.
    • Submit your scheduling request at least one week prior to the requested training time.
  • Available instructor
    • Indicate whether you wish SIEC to find an instructor for you, or if you have already made arrangements with your own instructor.
    • If your own instructor is not listed among the SIEC instructors, please let us know his/her name. We will need to arrange for instructor orientation prior to training.