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Office of Health Careers Opportunity

stem_award_logo_2018.jpgThe office of Health Careers Opportunity is a division of the Office of Academic Affairs. Formerly known as the division of Multicultural Affairs, it has an over 30-year history of being committed to student success. The office supports the Medical Center's efforts to train a diverse health care workforce for the state of Mississippi. The over-arching mission is to foster an environment that recognizes the benefits of diversity and inclusiveness through academic preparation, classroom instruction, community outreach and professional development.

We believe that a student being admitted to health professions school is only the first step. Graduation is the goal. We offer preparation courses and pipeline programs to create an atmosphere at UMMC which celebrates diversity and assists students in reaching their goals.

The Office of Educational Outreach and Health Careers Development works in collaboration with other student services and academic units on campus to promote academic achievement and to increase the retention of matriculating underrepresented, underserved students. The division works with individual students, student groups, staff and faculty to design and implement strategies that support students and increase opportunities for academic and professional success.


The goals of the Office of Health Careers Opportunity include:

  • To increase enrollment and retention of underrepresented, underserved students in all UMMC programs including medicine, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, graduate education and health related professions;
  • To provide programming designed to ensure academic progression and timely graduation;
  • To provide support services, including academic counseling, mentoring, etc., in efforts to support the academic and professional growth of students;
  • To provide a health careers pipeline to support efforts to maintain a competitive and diverse applicant pool;
  • To foster a sense of community among students through support of student organizations; and
  • To support institutional initiatives which promote an inclusive and diverse UMMC community.