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Participant requirements

Recruited students and students who participate in the MEDCORP program may be eligible for participation in MEDCORP-Direct, which provides special consideration by the UMMC medical school admissions committee. Students who are enrolled in their sophomore year in college and meet criteria listed below will be eligible. Upper classmen and non-traditional students who meet the criteria listed below may also be considered provided that they have participated in the UMMC pipeline for at least one year. These criteria include:

  • Applicants must acquire college grades (Advanced Placement credit unacceptable) for the following pre-requisite course work (semester credit hours):
    • 8 credits Biology (with lab)
    • 8 credits Freshman/General Chemistry (with lab)
    • 8 credits of either Physics or Organic Chemistry (both with lab)
    • 6 credits college math (usually 3 credits each of Algebra and Trigonometry; however, 3 credits of Calculus satisfies the math requirement)
  • Academic credentials and standardized test taking skills indicative of a successful applicant to medical school.
    • Overall (o) Grade Point Average (GPA) at least 3.0 with a minimum of 60 credits Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Math (BCPM) GPA at least 3.0 with a minimum 30 credits (27 credits if math requirement satisfied by 3 credits of Calculus) ACT composite score of at least a 20.
  • Evidence that an applicant is likely to practice medicine in Mississippi based on:
    • Residence in such an area
    • Experiences (exposure to the medical profession, volunteer/community service and leadership) in such areas
  • A strong work ethic, determination to succeed, ability to overcome set-backs and age-appropriate professional behavior (as defined by the American Board of Internal Medicine) based on:
    • Faculty evaluation letters
    • Personal circumstances (employment during school, family responsibilities)
  • Intent to further participate in MEDCORP academic enrichment programs by signing a MEDCORP-Direct Participation agreement.

Application process

  • Students should submit the following to the Office of Health Careers Opportunity by Dec. 31:
    • Completed MEDCORP-Direct application
    • College coursework
    • Experiences
      • Exposure to medicine
      • Volunteer/community service
      • Leadership/responsibility
      • Employment or other time commitments outside the classroom
    • Essay describing motivation to become doctor and vision of practice
    • Official transcripts of all college level course work
    • Three faculty evaluation letters (SOM requirement)
    • ACT or SAT score reports (include MCAT scores, if taken)
  • The Office of Health Careers Opportunity staff compares course work listed on application to official transcripts, edits credit hours and grades, if needed, calculates BCPM GPAs and generates reports needed by medical school admissions committee to evaluate applications.¬†

Device requirements

The preferred browsers for this application are Internet Explorer (IE) and Firefox. When using a MacBook, download Firefox to your device. Contact this office for further computer questions.

Medical School interviews

Office of Health Careers Opportunity staff screens applications for those who meet MEDCORP-Direct admissions criteria and, if the number is sufficiently large, ranks applicants for interviews based on selection criteria. Applications or pertinent data therein will be forwarded to the Medical Admissions Office by Feb. 15.

The Medical School Admissions Office will invite recommended MEDCORP-Direct applicants to UMMC to be interviewed by members of the Medical School Admissions Committee for potential entry to medical school upon satisfactory completion of a) one additional year of active participation in MEDCORP and b) all medical school admissions requirements. Applicants will be interviewed in February.

HCO staff will inform applicants as to whether or not they were accepted to MEDCORP-Direct in February.

For more information

  • LaFreda Sias, Project Manager
    (601) 984-1339
  • Office of Health Careers Opportunity
    University of Mississippi Medical Center
    2500 N. State Street
    Jackson, MS 39216-4505