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Faculty Development

fa---faculty-development.jpgCurrently the Office of Faculty Affairs supports faculty development throughout campus by providing resources at all levels (individual, department, school). We strive to provide faculty with the tools and resources needed to be successful at all points along the faculty lifecycle. We also support funding for several external faculty development opportunities, such as the Millsaps Business Advantage Program, and many AAMC-sponsored seminars.

We are happy to announce the completion of a comprehensive needs assessment of faculty development across the campus. The purpose of this assessment was to determine current and ongoing development activities and determine faculty development needs and wants across the institution. In addition to an extensive literature review we examined faculty forward survey data, ACGME faculty and student survey data, held focus groups with faculty and met with faculty development leaders from all schools.

Additionally, we are always seeking ways to better support faculty and we value your feedback and opinions. If you'd like to make a suggestion or offer comments, click here.