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ce_event-logo.jpgThe University of Mississippi School of Medicine is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to sponsor and jointly provide continuing medical activities. Compliance with ACCME Essentials and Guidelines for Accreditation of Sponsors of Continuing Medical Education and the Standards for Commercial Support of Continuing Education is not optional but required by accredited sponsors of CE.

An activity should be developed through appropriate needs assessment(s), implemented as designed and evaluated In order to accept this responsibility, a University of Mississippi School faculty member and UMMC Division of Continuing Health Professional Education must be involved in program related activities from program inception to conclusion. National Accrediting bodies look to our CE office to document the means by which compliance.

An application for approval of an activity is enclosed with attachments below. By completing and signing this application you are stating your willingness to abide by University of Mississippi Medical Center policies and procedures as well as the national guidelines for applicable accrediting bodies in order to receive approval for your activity. Remember, we must be included in the planning, development, implementation and evaluation of any activity that is approved.