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Professional Activities FAQ

Do members of the Department of Institutional Research belong to any professional organizations?

The department belongs to the major professional organizations, including:

  • Association for Institutional Research (AIR)
  • Southern Association for Institutional Research (SAIR)
  • Mississippi Association for Institutional Research (MAIR)
  • IHL Council of Institutional Research Officers (CIRO)

What off-campus meetings do members of the department attend?

  • AIR workshops
  • MAIR annual meeting
  • SAIR annual meeting
  • SACS annual meeting
  • IHL CIRO monthly meetings

On which UMMC committees do members of the Department of Institutional Research serve?

Members are assigned to the following committees:

  • SACS Steering Committee
  • Faculty Development Advisory Board
  • eCampus Advisory Committee
  • SAP CORE Group
  • Academic Affairs Committee
  • Academic Integrity Committee
  • Information Security Steering Committee
  • Education Intelligence Advisory Committee
  • EDW Governance Committee
  • NextGen Ed Committee
  • Compliance Education Task Force