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Policies and Procedures FAQ

Can Institutional Research release data collected for one individual to another individual?

All our work is confidential and remains the property of the individual who requested the data. The data is not released to other individuals without the owner's express permission. The Office of Institutional Research does not accept responsibility for maintenance of data once it is released to the client.

Does Institutional Research archive an official copy of the data once it is released to the client?

No. The client is responsible for archiving the data.

What are the institution policies and procedures regarding off-campus surveys?

To ensure consistency of data sent to off-campus constituents, the data must be verified by the Office of Institutional Research before being sent to the external agency. Examples of off-campus agencies include individuals, and professional, private and governmental organizations.

All data sent to off-campus constituents must have the data approved by the Office of Institutional Research before mailing. The completed survey should be submitted to the Director of Institutional Research at least three days before the mail date for sending the survey to the requesting agency.

A copy of the survey as it is sent to the off-campus agency will be retained by the Office of Institutional Research. Surveys that pertain totally to the UMMC hospitals and clinics and do not request any student or faculty data are exempt from this policy.