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Proposal Key Elements

  • Review criteria significance: Attention to a problem area of immediate or major impact in the field.
  • Collaboration: Evidence delineating interaction among applicant(s) and collaborating members.
  • Background: Relationship of project to prior work, including documentation of applicant's expertise in the area.
  • Plan: Clarity of methods, time frame, and project activities, including plans after the support period.
  • Feasibility: Overall likelihood of reaching stated objectives within the budgetary scope and time period.
  • Benefits: Impacts of the project to the career plan of the applicant(s), to UMMC and/or to the greater community.
  • Outcomes: Description of plans for measurable outcomes (presentations, publications, instructional or evaluation materials for distribution, concrete plans for extramural funding applications) from the project.
  • Budget: Necessary and well-justified expenses which are reasonable, allowable and appropriate to the activities.
  • Awards: Award funds will be deposited in a UMMC account in the PI's name, to be used in accordance with the approved budget. Once funded, major changes in budget categories or scope of work must be approved in writing by the Deputy Chief Academic Officer or designee.
  • Reports: The Progress Report Form must be submitted to Office of Academic Development by the PI and signed by the applicant(s) within 90 days after the project period end date.