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John Hembree Society

In 1987, at the recommendation of Dean John H. Hembree, the University of Mississippi School of Dentistry developed comprehensive rating instruments for students to evaluate their classes and instructors.

hembree-logo.jpgThe School of Dentistry honors excellence in teaching and student academics through the John Hembree Society in memory of Dr. Hembree, dean of the school from 1987-92. He died in 2009 at the age of 72. The Hembree Society, modeled after a program in the School of Medicine, encourages students to increase their participation in evaluations and provide meaningful data.

The society honors Dr. Hembree's commitment to continuous improvement and excellence. He was a prolific scholar and had published many scientific papers in dental and dental materials journals. This society, as did Dr. Hembree in his teaching and administration at the University of Mississippi, exemplifies excellence, communication, and dedication to that which promotes justice in our school.

For more information on the Hembree Society, contact the School of Dentistry.