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Published in Research Waves on October 15, 2013

Assurance Updates

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) 

Fall 2013 Institutional Animal Care and Use Semiannual Inspection is underway! Semiannual inspections are required by federal regulations governing the use of animals. The IACUC is appreciative of everyone’s time given during the laboratory inspection process to host our visit and answer questions related to investigator laboratory activities and protocol(s).

Maintenance of “clean health” status and movement of rodents within the Laboratory Animal Facilities (LAF): The health status of rodent colonies can have a profound effect on research results and every effort is made by the Laboratory Animal Facilities staff to maintain specific rodent housing areas as “clean”, pathogen free rooms for this reason. Movement of animals from room-to-room can be a source of cross contamination of rodent pathogens. Any movement of animals from one room to another should always be arranged/confirmed with management of the Laboratory Animal Facilities to reduce the possibility of cross-contamination. Increased rodent populations require the LAF to coordinate any movements, as “empty” spaces are often arranged to accommodate the receipt of new animals in the next delivery cycle. The LAF is carefully planning where rodents are placed for housing, if a “blank” space is observed on a cage rack in a rodent room that space should not be considered an open invitation for placement of rodent cages in the space. Investigators are requested to share this information with all personnel in their laboratory.

Housekeeping items:

“old forms”
Investigators should ensure use of the current animal activity protocol form(s) by visiting the IACUC website and downloading the blank form(s) prior to drafting a submission for IACUC consideration. The current version of the protocol form references use of the “2013 Edition of the AVMA Guidelines” (item #20 - Euthanasia) as required by OLAW for PHS-Assured Institutions effective September 1, 2013.

“signature(s)” - Can be a time saver in the final phase of the IACUC approval process
Placement of signature(s) is/are requested at the time of submission for IACUC approval. An electronic signature or a “cut and paste” signature is acceptable. Alternatively, an original signature may be affixed and the document scanned and converted to a pdf file for submission. 

Institutional Biosafety Committee

IBC Annual Updates and Laboratory Inspections will begin November 1st. Are you prepared for laboratory inspection? Has your Biological Safety Cabinet been inspected within the last year? Have you had any personnel changes? For additional information, please contact us. 

Institutional Review Board 

How to Cut IRB Review Time and Top 10 IRB Tips
The Human Research Office staff is available to assist you with questions regarding your IRB application before submission and throughout the review process. Please find attached helpful Top 10 IRB Submission Tips and How to Cut IRB Review Time

Office of Integrity and Compliance

Federal funding must be acknowledged!
From the HHS Grants Policy Statement: “As required by HHS appropriations acts, all HHS recipients must acknowledge Federal funding when issuing statements, press releases, requests for proposals, bid invitations, and other documents describing projects or programs funded in whole or in part with Federal funds. Recipients are required to state (1) the percentage and dollar amounts of the total program or project costs financed with Federal funds and (2) the percentage and dollar amount of the total costs financed by nongovernmental sources.”