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Published in Media Alerts on April 24, 2012

Anatomical donors honored at annual ceremony

By Matt Westerfield

What: First-year students at the University of Mississippi Medical Center will gather to honor those who donated their bodies to science. Family members of those who donated their bodies will be in attendance.

When: noon, Wednesday, April 25

Where: Medical Center Cemetery

Why: Each year, many Mississippians make an extraordinary gift to UMMC by donating their bodies after death to support the education of health professionals. These anatomical donations play a critical role in helping students master the complex anatomy of the human body.

Anatomy is one of the most important courses in the education of physicians, dentists, and other health professionals. It serves as a foundation for other disciplines such as physiology, pathology, neurology, and surgery.

Note: If you intend to cover this ceremony, please contact Matt Westerfield at (601) 984-1100. Due to limited parking near the cemetery, parking in the Public Affairs lot may be required. If needed, shuttle service-a short distance to the ceremony site-will be provided.