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  • Mission

    The University of Mississippi Medical Center unites the interrelated activities of education in the health sciences and accepts responsibility for teaching, research, service and leadership in this field. Its programs embrace training for physicians, dentists, nurses and allied health professionals; graduate medical education, graduate dental education and graduate study in the health sciences; and the delivery of health care in the teaching hospitals and clinics.

    The Medical Center offers equal opportunity in all its programs and services regardless of race, creed, sex, color, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability or veteran status.

    The University of Mississippi exists to enhance the educational, economic, health care, social, and cultural foundations of the state, region and nation. Within this framework, the Medical Center's principal and continuing mission is to train health care professionals at the first professional, graduate and postgraduate levels for Mississippi. The Medical Center fosters and protects a learning environment conducive to educational excellence in the health sciences; cutting-edge biomedical research to expand the body of basic and applied knowledge; and exemplary patient care that moves toward the ultimate goals of elimination of health disparities and improved health and well-being for the citizens of Mississippi, the region, the nation and the world.

    As Mississippi's population is culturally diverse, the institution encourages and actively recruits applicants from all segments of the state's population. The Medical Center is committed to maintaining an educational environment that fosters respect for and sensitivity to individual differences; promotes personal and professional development;  and gives all students the opportunity to succeed.

    Medical Center graduates at all levels are expected to possess and to demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessary to practice their disciplines as competent health professionals. The Medical Center regularly uses appropriate external and internal measurement tools to assess the institution's effectiveness in training health professionals for Mississippi and to evaluate its programs for patient care, research, continuing education and outreach.

    The expeditious growth of the Medical Center into a major academic health sciences center reflects the deep commitment of the state of Mississippi, the Board of Trustees of State Institutions of Higher Learning and the administration and faculty of the University of Mississippi Medical Center to the continuing fulfillment of this mission.

    Vision and goals

    The vision of the University of Mississippi Medical Center is to be a great academic health sciences center dedicated to improving lives. UMMC goals include:

    • Exhibiting steadfast dedication to achieving the highest standards of performance in all our missions: education, research and health care;
    • Educating outstanding health care professionals;
    • Being a leading health sciences research center that improves human health through discovery, leadership and innovations;
    • Being the preferred hospitals and clinicians in the Southeast and recognized nationally;
    • Being the employer of choice, committed to recruiting and retaining high-performing individuals;
    • Embracing diversity in all of our missions;
    • Finding solutions to the challenges of health disparities in Mississippi and the nation;
    • Promoting the value of professionalism and lifelong learning in all employees, faculty and students;
    • Enhancing the economic development of the state.