• Survey Method and Details

    This survey provides a snapshot in time of how all individuals within UMMC, from students to faculty and staff, perceive the environment around them from three main perspectives: Appreciation, Camaraderie, and Vision and Purpose. Appreciation recognizes the contributions and values that each individual brings to the university as a person; Camaraderie gives the individual a sense of belonging and provides them with an opportunity to make a personal connection with those around them; and, Vision and Purpose provides individuals with a compelling reason to contribute to the university’s mission.. These perspectives are an aggregate of eight specific inclusion factors to be developed or enhanced within an institution to ensure engagement—common purpose, access to opportunity, equitable reward and recognition, cultural competence, trust, sense of belonging, appreciation of individual attributes and respect. Examined together, these three areas and their respective inclusion factors tell a compelling, holistic story of the UMMC experience.

    Upon receiving Institutional Review Board approval, the survey was administered October 18th through November 21st of 2011. The data was collected and compiled by DataStar Inc. of Waltham, MA, a provider of survey management, data processing and tabulation services to researchers. UMMC yielded a response rate of 46% (2284 out of 5000 solicited employees)  and an overall sample of 25% of all employeesResponses on the survey were scored on a 5-point likert scale (5=strongly agree to 1=strongly disagree). For the purpose of reporting, responses of ‘unable to evaluate’ were coded as missing. Raw percentages of respondents by category are presented in addition to a mean score calculated by averaging the responses to each question. Based on the coding of each question, higher scores indicate a more favorable response. In addition, comparison data from other participating academic medical centers for evaluation against other top institutions. Overall, results were very favorable and generally exceeded this peer comparison benchmark. This data provides a better understanding of both strengths and opportunities around Diversity and Inclusion as well as the level of engagement of all stakeholders within the UMMC community. 

    As we move into 2014, we’re continuing with our efforts to understand the degree to which we are embracing the diversity of our institution, providing an inclusive culture for faculty, staff and students, and serving our diverse patient population. In addition to the valuable data provided by the DES Survey, we’ve conducted interviews with key leaders and focus groups with important constituencies across the institution such as clinical employees, maintenance/facilities support staff, hospital management/supervisory employees, non-clinical hospital employees, faculty, academic management, and students. Together, these insights will form the foundation of a 3-year Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Competence Strategy for the Institution that may include educational programs and curriculum that enhance multicultural awareness and understanding,  review of HR practices to ensure fair and equitable employment opportunities, mentoring programs for students and staff, and collaborations with vendors and community partners from underrepresented groups.