• Mobile Access to E-Books


    Click here to view a list of E-Books. The vendor of the E-Book (listed under the title) determines mobile access availability.

    E-Books marked Books@Ovid, STATRef or eMedicine can be viewed on a mobile device but off campus will require a library login.

    E-Books marked AccessMedicine can be viewed on a mobile device only after you set up an account.

    * Click on any AccessMedicine title (for example, Harrison's Online).

    * Click on "MyAccessMedicine" (in the upper right) to create a profile.This requires a username and password which can be used to view any AccessMedicine title on a mobile device.

    NOTE: When off campus, you may still be required to enter your library login.

    E-Books marked NAP or NCBI are free and can be freely viewed on or off campus on a mobile device.

    Contact the Reference Department if you need assistance: