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Remote Patient Monitoring from UMMC

Remote Patient Monitoring, or RPM, lets you manage chronic illness such as diabetes and heart disease with specialized care delivered through a tablet computer.

Coach Leroy Henderson of Mound Bayou, Mississippi, has struggled managing his Type 2 diabetes. Now, thanks to RPM, he has help.

He controls his condition with daily monitoring and regular online check-ins with a UMMC Telehealth dietician, Cindy, on a tablet computer at home.

Cindy can spot problems early and recommend treatment at a local clinic. Leroy now has his diabetes under control and his health has improved.

To find out more about UMMC Telehealth remote patient monitoring, email us at or call (601) 815-2020

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RPM for Providers

Remote patient monitoring is an effective way to improve patient compliance and health outcomes.

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RPM for Patients

With remote patient monitoring, your care team can keep a close eye on your health challenges so you stay healthier.

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