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Nutrition Program

Fiona B. Lewis, DRPH, RDN, LDN, demonstrates how to prepare a healthy dish.The preventive medicine specialty at UMMC offers a personalized nutrition program that makes it easy to choose delicious food that also fits into a healthy lifestyle. The program takes the guesswork out of healthy meal planning. It currently is not covered by insurance. 

Working with our registered dietitian/professional chef, clients pinpoint foods that match their health goals, tastes and daily routine. They also can get personalized meal plans with recipes and shopping lists.

Nutrition program cost

Consultation (optional):

  • Initial - $100
  • Optional follow-up - $40

Meal plans:

  • Three-day sampler plan - $20
  • One-week plan - $45
  • Two-week plan - $60
  • Three-week plan  - $70


  • Three new recipes - $20

Expertise for meal planning

Fiona B. Lewis, DRPH, RDN, LDN, leads our personalized nutrition program.

A registered dietitian, Fiona has a master’s degree in nutrition and wellness, and a doctorate in public health and preventive care. A professionally trained chef, she studied in New York at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Healing and the Culinary Arts.