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Human Resources Forms

Form NameBrief DescriptionFile Type

90-day performance evaluation - employee


90-day performance evaluation - supervisor


Background fingerprint consent for employment

...required for pre-employmentPDF

Background fingerprint consent (non-employee)

...required for pre-employmentPDF

Change of Legal Status Disclosure

...notify HR of changes to legal status, such as arrest or criminal convictionlink

A&R compensation request form

... required for all compensation requestsdoc

A&R compensation request and job description questionnaire

.. .required for all new positions or job reclassificationsdoc
Donor leave form... to be filled out by employee donating hoursPDF
Education leave... to be completed by employee requesting Education LeavePDF
Employee tuition benefit - Ole Miss continuing educationUse for classes taken at or through Ole MissPDF
Employee tuition benefit - UMMC continuing educationUse for classes taken at or through UMMClink
Faculty Onboarding Guide – Background Check and Pre-Hire RequirementsGuide for DBAs and their staff to help complete the HR Service Center components of the faculty onboarding process.PDF

Faculty grievance report


Faculty position nomenclature


Faculty tenure recommendation


Faculty unpaid appointment

Non-employee personnel action request... form used to on-board non-employees, such as observers, shadowers, contractors, and other non-employees

Parking accommodation procedures and request

... to be used by employees to request parking accommodationsPDF

Permission to engage in outside employment

... required for outside employment permissionlink

Postdoctoral fellow hiring guidelines


Postdoctoral fellow offer letter template


Postdoctoral fellow salary guidelines


Pre-authorization of Clearance Letter Submission submit a notarized "Clearance Letter" from a healthcare entity licensed by  Mississippi Department of Health to request clearance for engagement at

Remote pre-employment qualification packet

... instructions and forms utilized to complete the pre-employment fingerprinting and drug screening process for remote hires.PDF

Research volunteer form


Research offer letter template


Sabbatical leave request


Taxable parking election change

... used to change employee pre-tax/after-tax parking deductionPDF

Temporary employee request


Temporary employee request FAQ