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UMMC Employee Perks


  • Tuition Scholarships for Dependents
    Tuition acholarships for full-time employees' children who are attending UMMC or Ole Miss covers 50% of tuition costs per semester for each parent employed full-time. Applications are different and available on both institution's websites.
    • UMMC Child of Faculty/Staff Award - the tuition scholarship is available for students in both undergrad, graduate, and professional programs. The dependent has to be enrolled in a program at UMMC. The Pharmacy program is an Ole Miss program. To apply for this program, students log into UMMC My.U portal and complete application under Scholarship Applications. For more information, please click here (scroll down to the bottom of the page) or contact Student Financial Aid or call (601) 984-1117.
    • Ole Miss Child of Faculty/Staff Award - the tuition scholarship is only available for students in undergraduate programs. For information about this scholarship and to complete an application, please click here.
  • Educational Benefits for Employees
    • Workforce Development Scholarship - UMMC offers full-time employees a scholarship to cover up to six hours of tuition per semester. Click here for more information.
    • UMMC Nurse Tuition Reimbursement - Registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) working within the Department of Nursing who meet requirements are eligible to participate in a tuition program. Click here for more information.
    • Ole Miss Employee Tuition Benefit - Available for UMMC full-time employees with the approval of the department head. Tuition will be waived for 2 courses, up to four hours per course for employees who qualify. Employees must be enrolled in the Ole Miss credited courses and employed prior to the end of the late registration process. Click here and select HR 19 – Permission to take a Course."

Mississippi College Savings Program

  • MACS (Mississippi Affordable College Savings) - MACS is Mississippi's 529 Savings Plan that allows you to save for any qualified educational expenses.
  • MPACT (Mississippi Prepaid Affordable College Tuition) - MPACT is Mississippi's 529 Prepaid Tuition Plan that allows you to prepay the cost of tuition.

Start saving with automatic deposits through payroll deductions for education!

Comparison of MPACT and MACS:

To sign up for MPACT download and complete this form:

To sign up for MACS download and complete this form:

Please send completed forms to Kim Beaver in payroll via fax, 601-815-4568 or email,

Cellular services

  • AT&T
    For AT&T’s Cellular Discount Program, employees will receive 15% off their monthly rate and accessories by presenting your UMMC ID badge to any AT&T authorized billing center and applying discount (FAN #2387675) to your account. Click here to locate AT&T authorized billing center locations.
  • Sprint
    UMMC employees can receive a 15% discount on their Sprint bills. To set up new service or upgrades, get discounted accessories  or apply the discount to your existing plan, visit or call 1-888-457-6294 for more information. The contact for the EVP program can be reached by email at
  • Verizon
    New and existing employees may qualify to receive 15% off their monthly Verizon cellular rate and 25% off accessories. To see the discounts, visit the Verizon Wireless website, enter your ZIP code, and then your work email address. Once your information is confirmed, you will receive an email including the available discounts.

Computers and software

  • Microsoft Office Home Use Program
    The Microsoft Office Home Use Program is available to all UMMC employees, faculty and staff for a deeply discounted price.  Other software programs also are available. The program allows one licensed copy of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 to be downloaded and installed on a personally owned computer. Click here for information.
  • Dell computer purchase program
    UMMC employees receive discounted prices on Dell products (up to 30% off select PCs and tablets) and select electronics and accessories (up to 5%). To receive these discounts, UMMC faculty and staff must enter UMMC's member ID (US126354953) when visiting the Dell website or when calling (888) 243-9964. For more information, email
  • Sophos Anti-Virus for Home Use
    UMMC provides a free copy of Sophos Anti-virus to each employee and student for personal computers. Technical support is not provided by UMMC or Sophos. The offer is only valid for one personal computer per employee or student. Learn more by clicking here on the intranet.

Health care

  • Quick Care
    UMMC faculty and staff and their family members (defined by the IRS) who need a physician for minor illnesses can get an appointment within 24 hours through the Quick Care service provider. Most patients will be seen the same day they call for an appointment. Quick Care is open 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, and is located in the Lakeland Family Medicine Center, 764 Lakeland Drive, 2nd floor. To schedule an appointment, call 4-CARE (4-2273). Preregistration by phone will minimize wait time.
  • UMMC 2 You Telehealth
    UMMC 2 You gives you the same minor medical care you would receive in a UMMC clinic, but on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can talk face-to-face with board-certified UMMC providers, tell them your symptoms, and receive a diagnosis - all without leaving your home or workplace. They can even call in a prescription or refer you to a specialist if needed. Appointments are available 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday. For more information, click here.
  • UMMC provider discount
    As a benefit of employment at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, all UMMC employees and eligible dependents covered by the State of Mississippi Health Insurance Plan (the State Health Plan) are eligible to receive a 20% discount off billed charges by UMMC.

    To ensure that you receive the 20% employee discount for any of the services listed below, identify yourself as an UMMC employee or covered dependent participating in the State Health Plan when you make your appointment. Use the employee-dedicated billing inquiry line if you have any questions regarding your statement and balances at (601) 496-9303 or 1-844-838-4871.

    Listed below are the key components of the UMMC employee discount program.
    • Health
      There is a 20% discount off the total hospital and provider charges billed for covered services to be applied after the annual deductible is met. In addition, the 20% discount does not apply toward the co-pay. The discount will be applied as an adjustment off the co-insurance balance effective with service dates of July 1, 2016, forward. The amount of the discount, once applied to billed charges, cannot result in a refund or credit due to the patient or guarantor.

      Employees and dependents that are not covered by the State Health Plan are not eligible for the 20% discount.

      State retirees from UMMC or the University of Mississippi who are receiving payments through PERS or ORP and covered by the State Health Plan and their eligible dependents are eligible to receive a 20% discount off the total hospital and provider charges billed for covered services to be applied after the annual deductible is met. In addition, the 20% discount does not apply toward the copay. The discount will be applied as an adjustment off the co-insurance balance effective with service dates of July 1, 2016, forward. Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries are not eligible to participate in the discount program based on federal guidelines.
    • Pharmacy
      The UMMC Pharmacy offers a 20% discount on pharmacy co-pays and any non-covered or pharmacy retail item(s). The discount is available at all UMMC pharmacy locations. Prescriptions must be written by an authorized UMMC provider. The amount of the discount, once applied to billed charges, cannot result in a refund or credit due to the patient or guarantor. 
    • Non-covered medical, cosmetic or packaged services
      Employee discounts are not applied to packaged, cosmetic or non-covered medical services. If an employee has a non-covered procedure and the charge has already been discounted, the employee will not receive an additional discount. If a non-covered procedure charge has not been discounted, the employee is eligible for the employee discount on the procedure.
    • Dental and vision
      The 20% discount will no longer apply to dental and vision services for employees of their dependents. Discounts will continue to apply to the self-pay portion of billed services provided through the School of Dentistry.


  • Youpon (discount shopping)
    youpon_2c.jpgThe Youpon program extends discount offers from both local and national merchants to employees via their personal smartphone, tablet or computer. To register for Youpon, visit and complete the registration form.  List UMMC as your employer. You will be asked your preferred e-mail address, city and state, but no other personal or confidential information. Should you have any issues with registration, log-in, or any questions regarding your Youpon discounts, call Fortibus directly at (843) 767-0624.

Sports and recreation

  • Ole Miss season tickets
    UMMC offers full-time employees hired (by July 1 of the current year) up to two discounted season tickets in each sport for the employee's personal use, subject to the Athletics Department guidelines designating which types of season tickets are available for the discount. Contact the Ole Miss Athletic Ticket Office Customer Service line at (888) 732-8587. The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics reserves the right at its sole discretion to limit the number of discounted tickets. Single game tickets are not available through discount.

UMMC food discount

Employees with a UMMC ID badge receive a 20% off food and beverages at the UMMC main cafeteria and the Wiser Hospital and Student Union cafeterias. The gourmet coffee kiosks also offer the 20% discount. Part-time and full-time UMMC faculty and staff may pay for food purchases through payroll deduction, up to a maximum amount per pay period, by presenting their ID badge at the cashier counter. 

Enrollment is not automatic. The applicable form, which includes both the participation agreement and election form, must be completed in advance to enroll. Forms are available at any cafeteria location or the Food and Nutrition Department. Completed forms can be placed in drop boxes at the above locations or sent to the Food and Nutrition Department through campus mail. For more information, call (601) 984-2070.