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UMMC Pre-Retirement Counseling

The UMMC Human Resources Department wants to ensure our employees who are planning for retirement know that we are here to make the retirement process planning as seamless as possible and to help mitigate some of the stress associated with the retirement process. We understand that you have worked hard to get to this point, and we want you to know what to expect as you progress through the process.

The Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) recommends that you apply for retirement at least 90 days prior to your retirement date to ensure you will receive your retirement benefit on your retirement date.We recommend scheduling a retirement counseling session with a UMMC HR Benefits Analyst three to four months before your anticipated retirement date to help ensure a timely retirement benefit from PERS. This session will not provide the monthly benefit amount (you may use PERS' online calculators to estimate your benefit amount, however, an accurate estimate of your monthly benefit can only be provided directly from PERS), but scheduling a session will start the retirement process. If you are planning to retire in the next three to four months, contact HR Benefits retirement counseling to schedule an appointment.

While we are here to help you with the process, we also recommend that you contact PERS at your earliest convenience to schedule a counseling session, as well as to initiate an audit of your account. This will facilitate the process and help ensure timely processing. For additional information to help you navigate the retirement process, you may want to read the PERS Pre-Retirement Guide and the PERS Service Retirement Guide, which may be found under publications on the PERS website. Be aware that there is priority scheduling for retirement sessions based upon your retirement date. UMMC will continue to partner with PERS to keep you informed of any changes with the retirement application processing.