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Open Enrollment

Online Enrollment Instructions

We are implementing a new informative and user-friendly employee self-service process for 2018 open enrollment. This will allow you more flexibility to enroll at your own pace, whether at home or at work with 24/7 availability. Our online benefit enrollment portal provides detailed plan information and rates empowering employees to make educated benefit decisions.

Instructions to complete your online open enrollment at UMMC

  1. Before you start enrolling, click on Gender and Birthdate to verify your information is correct since some premiums such as life insurance are dependent on this information. Also, check Dependents and add your dependents even if you are not planning to cover them in case you decide to cover them in the future.
  2. open-1.jpgLog into Lawson/Employee Self-Service/Benefits/Open Enrollment (the Open Enrollment button will be available Oct. 2-31).
  3. You will be asked to complete a Tobacco Use Attestation Form.
  4. You will see your current benefits.
  5. Enter your benefit selections for each plan. As you go through each plan, you will see your current election and any dependents that you are currently covering on that plan. You can add, change or drop coverage as well as dependents to Health, Dental, Vision, Employee State Life, Supplemental Term Life, Long Term disability, Flex Dependent Care Account, Flex Medical Reimbursement Account, Critical Illness, Hospital Indemnity and Accident.
    1. Keep the same coverage type – means you do not want to change anything (keep the same coverage plan and dependent coverage type)
    2. Keep the same option; add or change dependent coverage type – means you want to keep the same plan, i.e. Base Plan or Select Plan and your coverage level the same, i.e. family coverage. Example: you currently have Select Family coverage and you want to add another dependent to your coverage or remove a dependent that still leaves you at family coverage level.Change the coverage type – means you want to keep the same plan, i.e. Base Plan or Select Plan but you want to change your coverage level, i.e. EE only, EE+Spouse, EE+Family, EE+Child, or EE+Children.
    3. Select a different plan or Add/decline coverage – means you want change your plan type from Base Plan to Select Plan or vice versa OR decline health coverage.
  6. Use the buttons at the bottom of the page to navigate.
    1. Continue – takes you to the next page
    2. Previous – goes back to the previous page
    3. Start Over – takes you to the first page of Open Enrollment. Your elections will not be saved.
    4. Exit – takes you all the way out of the Open Enrollment process. Your elections will not be saved.
    5. Elections – shows you what you have elected so far. Any changes that you just made on a plan will not show up until you have completed the next plan election.
  7. When you have completed making all your elections, you will get a summary page of all your elections effective 1/1/2018. If you made any changes to previous elections in this process, those will have an asterisk besides it and the note at the bottom will say *Election changed. At this point, you have the following button options at the bottom of the page:
    1. Continue – you will get a dialog box asking if you want to print your elections for reference and then you can click continue to save your elections. Your elections will not be saved until you see the final page that says “Thank you for completing your annual benefits enrollment elections.”
    2. Make Changes – it takes you to a page with the list of all the plans and you can check the box(s) of the plan(s) that you wish to change.
    3. Exit – you will get a dialog box asking if you want to print your elections for reference and lets you know that your elections you made at this time will not be saved. If you click the X at the top of the dialog box, it takes you back to the summary page of your elections.
  8. Confirm your enrollment. After you have completed your enrollment elections, you will receive an email notification (runs once per day) with your elections. Also, you can go to Lawson/Employee Self-Service/Benefits/Current Benefits and change the effective date at the top of the page to 1/1/18. It will show the benefits you elected for January 2018 except any plans that require an Evidence of Insurability. Plans that require an EOI will not be visible on the Current Benefits screen until you have been approved by the carrier.
Note: You can change and resubmit enrollments as many times as you need until the end of Open Enrollment on Oct. 31. With each submission you will receive a new email confirmation confirming your benefit elections. Review each notice, and print out your summary election page too. Your last saved changes will be your elections for 2018. Changes to your benefit elections cannot be made after the close of open enrollment.