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Enrolling or Changing Insurance

New hires or newly benefits-eligible employee

  • Benefits new hire orientation presentation
  • How to enroll in My Benefits
    • You have 31 days from your hire date to enroll in your benefits or you forfeit them until annual open enrollment.To enroll, go to Lawson/Employee Self-Service/Benefits/New Hire Enrollment. 

      You can view your current benefits anytime by going to Lawson/Employee Self-Service/Benefits/Current Benefits.

Annual open enrollment

Annual open enrollment is the only opportunity to make changes to your current benefit elections unless there is a qualified status change such as marriage, divorce, death, birth, adoption or loss/gain of coverage from a group plan. Each October, we offer an Annual Benefits Open Enrollment to provide an opportunity for employees to review their benefits and make any needed changes. 

Any changes that you make during Annual Open Enrollment will not be effective until Jan. 1 of the following year. Some benefit plan changes may require an Evidence of Insurability (EOI). This means that health questions will be required and coverage will not be effective until it is approved by the carrier. If you currently have a Flexible Medical Reimbursement Account or Flexible Dependent Care account, you are required to enroll each year. Flexible Spending Accounts do NOT automatically rollover to the next benefit plan year.

You can review your current benefits anytime by going to Lawson/Employee Self-Service/Benefits/Current Benefits.

Qualifying life event during the year

Life events include birth, death, marriage, divorce, sdoption, loss or gain of coverage from a group plan.

Pre-taxing insurance premiums qualifies UMMC as participants in the Section 125 (cafeteria plan) which is a pre-tax benefit to employees.  Pre-taxed benefits include health, dental, vision, accident, flexible spending and retirement plans. Participation in the Section 125 Plan limits our ability to modify pre-tax benefit elections outside of open enrollment unless the plan participant has a qualifying life event: birth, death, marriage, divorce, adoption, a non-U.S. citizen entering the United States, loss or gain of coverage on another group plan.

Adding or dropping a dependent from your coverage (medical, dental, vision)

  • If you have a qualifying status change – birth, adoption, placement for an adoption, marriage, divorce, death, loss or gain of coverage from a group plan then you can add or drop a dependent from your coverage. Dependent children automatically drop from your coverage the end of the month that they turn 26.
  • You have 60 days from the qualifying status change to add or drop a dependent to health insurance. 
  • Complete the appropriate form(s) to add or drop coverage - State Health Insurance Form for Medical, and/or Dental/Vision Change Form which can be found on the benefits website. Click the “SUBMIT” button at the bottom of the form and it will be sent via email to HR Benefits
  • In addition, you have to submit documentation supporting the qualifying event such as:
    • Loss/gain of coverage: Both are only eligible when associated with a group plan; submit Certificate of Creditable Coverage (obtained from the insurance carrier) showing the date coverage was gained/lost.
    • Birth: Proof of birth (birth certificate or something from the hospital with date of birth)
    • Marriage: Marriage license
    • Adoption: Final placement paperwork
    • Divorce: Final judgment
  • Email supporting documentation of your qualifying event to Add your new dependent in Lawson by going to Lawson/Employee Self-Service/Benefits/Dependents.
  • Update your PERS information by completing PERS Form 1C Section 4 "change of family information."