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  • Sharon B. Wyatt, PhD, RN, CANP, FAAN


    Harriett G. Williamson Professor of Nursing

    Professor of Medicine




    • Phone: (601) 984-6249
    • Fax: (601) 815-9388
    • E-mail: swyatt@umc.edu
    • Office: Jackson campus


    Dr. Sharon Wyatt teaches in the PhD and DNP programs and maintains an active clinical practice and research program. Her focus has been on cardiovascular health disparities and innovative community-driven solutions to overcoming disparities using multiple qualitative and quantitative research methods. She was inducted into the American Academy of Nursing and holds the Harriet G. Williamson endowed professorship.

    She served as the principal investigator for the National Children's Study Hinds County Study Center. This prospective, national longitudinal study aims to track the effects of environment and genetics on health, growth and development of over 100,000 children from pre-birth to age 21. She also served as the director and co-principal investigator of the Examination Center of the landmark Jackson Heart Study, the paramount national study to identify reasons for cardiovascular disease (CVD) disparities in African Americans for its first decade. She continues that work through the NIH-funded Center for Integrative Approaches to Health Disparities, a collaboration between the Jackson Heart Study and the University of Michigan. She has translated findings from the JHS into novel community-driven approaches to health disparities in the Mississippi Delta.

    Her interdisciplinary approach and commitment to health equality resulted in appointment as the co-chair of the Governor's Task Force for the Prevention of CVD where she led the health-policy development and implementation of Mississippi's state plan to reduce disparities. She is the Community Outreach Core lead investigator for the Deep South Network for Cancer Control, an NCI-funded center grant to eliminate health disparities in cancer screening and improve healthy lifestyles among residents of the Mississippi Delta and the Alabama Black Belt.

    Research overview

    Dr. Wyatt’s program of research focuses on health disparities in cardiovascular and renal disease, particularly hypertension, among African Americans. Understanding the role of sociocultural and behavioral risk factors at the individual and community level is the major emphasis. A secondary focus is on community engagement for building healthy communities; enhancing capacity for self-care; and for research participation.

    Research activities are ongoing with two major epidemiological studies — the Jackson Heart Study (health disparities in CVD and CKD) and the National Children’s Study (research participation) and the Deep South Network for Cancer Control (health disparities in cancer, healthy lifestyle and self-care, enhancing community capacity).