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  • Sharon A. Lobert, PhD, RN


    Professor of Nursing and Biochemistry






    Dr. Sharon Lobert is a professor in the Schools of Nursing and Medicine (Department of Biochemistry). She joined the University of Mississippi Medical Center in August 1990.

    She has an active basic science research program related to oncology and oncology nursing, with projects focusing on breast cancer. She uses cell culture models to study drug resistant mechanisms in the laboratory. She has numerous national and international publications and presentations in her research area and a consistent history of extramural private and federal funding for her research program.

    Research overview

    Dr. Lobert's long-range goal is to understand why tumors are resistant to antimitotic chemotherapy agents. Antimitotic agents are important components of combination chemotherapy. Often tumors are resistant to antimitotic agents either initially or after repeated drug cycles. These drugs interact with tubulin, the major protein of mitotic spindles. Mitotic microtubules are dynamic, undergoing assembly and disassembly while aligning chromosomes at the metaphase plate. Antimitotic agents reduce microtubule dynamics.

    Dr. Lobert’s work focuses on breast cancer cell culture models and their responses to antimitotic drugs, such as paclitaxel and vincristine. Her projects are carried out through collaborations with students and colleagues at UMMC, as well as other universities. The School of Nursing basic science laboratories are equipped for state-of-the-art cell culture, molecular biology, fluorescence microscopy and protein chemistry studies.