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  • Nursing Alumni Chapter

    Fellow Alumni:

    On behalf of the University of Mississippi School of Nursing alumni chapter, I would like to thank each of you for supporting our school. Our alumni live up to the school’s mission to develop nurse leaders and improve health within and beyond Mississippi. I am constantly amazed at the energy, enthusiasm and innovation of the nurses and nursing students I am surrounded by each day. You are truly incredible, and you do make a positive difference.

    We have had several social functions and class celebrations during the past year. In 2014, our annual meeting and Oglevee Papers Day highlighted research of some of our recent DNP graduates. My personal favorite was the opportunity to meet and visit with the alumni of the class of 1965. Amazingly, this group has remained friends and stayed in contact all these years. The majority of their class came from across the U.S. to have a reunion in April, and oh, the stories they could tell!

    I would like to answer a few frequently asked questions about the Alumni Association.

    Q. How much are the dues?
    A. Membership in the Nursing Alumni Chapter is free!

    Q. Who can come to the annual meeting?
    A. All are invited and encouraged to attend.

    Q. If it’s not my class anniversary/reunion year, can I come to functions?
    A. Yes, all classes, regardless of graduation year, are invited. The more, the merrier!

    Q. How can I stay in touch and up to date?
    A. Visit,, Facebook, phone and email ( are all great ways to stay in the loop.

    Q. How can I update my contact information?
    A. Email or call the alumni Office at (601) 984-1115.

    Our School of Nursing has a rich heritage and includes an elite group of students, alumni and faculty. I encourage each of you to stay in touch with the happenings of the school and be involved as much as you can. Thank you for all you do. I am very honored to serve you.

    Michelle Burns, MSN, RN
    Nursing Alumni President, 2013-2015
    Class of 1998 (RN-BSN) and Class of 2008 (MSN)