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  • Faculty Expertise and Interests

    • Josie Bidwell, DNP, RN, CFNP
      Research interests: Nutrition and physical activity; obesity prevention; and diabetes.
    • Kate Fouquier, PhD, RN, CNM
      Research interests: Psychosocial adaptions in pregnancy and birth; maternal-infant attachment; and health-care disparities in maternal nursing and adolescent health.
    • Laree Hiser, PhD 
      Research interests: Demyelinating disorders; multiple sclerosis; chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy; and clinical diagnostic assays.
    • Kim W. Hoover, PhD, RN
      Research interests: Health systems; patient safety and quality improvement; health-related workforce.
    • Sharon Lobert, PhD, RN
      Research interests: Drug resistance to chemotherapy; tubulin and microtubules; antimiotic agents (Vinca Alkaloids and Taxanes); intracellular-signaling mechanisms; cell cycle and apoptosis.
    • Jennifer C. Robinson, PhD, RN, CNE, FAHA
      Research interests: Physical activity; health behavior; cardiovascular health disparities; neighborhood context; the built environment; social epidemiology; social and environmental determinants of health and health behaviors.
    • Kandy Smith, DNS, MN, RN
    • Mary W. Stewart, PhD, RN
      Research interests: Women in transition; control and self-esteem; perianethesia care; and doctoral education.
    • Karen Winters, PhD, RN
      Research interests: Health-care access and utilization; racial disparities in health and health care; health insurance status; cardiovascular care and analyzing data from large data sets.