SOM Faculty Affairs

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  • Process/System Assistance

    This menu lists the contact person(s) responsible for Faculty Affairs related systems/processes.  For assistance please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs - Kathy Pipitone (ext. 45004) or Johnson George (ext. 53193).  If neither Kathy or Johnson are available, please contact Kristi Whitney at the main Faculty Affairs phone number at ext. 45003.  Kristi will be your liaison for getting assistance from our partner departments.

    Faculty Hiring System (position and candidate request, appointment letter) - DIS: Sudharani Chinthaparthi, ext. 50248,, or Nash Mixon, ext. 59183,, or Andy Atkinson, ext. 44207,

    SOM SharePoint - DIS: Kerry Marshall, ext. 53022,

    Faculty Affairs Web Site - DIS: Jason Scott, ext.41158, GJScott@umc, edu or Kerry Marshall, ext. 53022,

    On-boarding System in Lawson - DIS: Chris Moulds, ext. 59358, or Jonathan McCullough, DIS, ext. 53162,

    Lawson, Hire Date Concerns, or Human Resources Related - Human Resources: Molly Brasfield, ext. 4-1946, or Rebecca Keefer, ext. 4-2130, or  Brenda Traxler, ext. 41946,

    Clinical On-boarding - Tonya Moore, Hospital Admin., ext. 4-4104, or Coleen Alley, Hospital Admin., ext. 41404,

    EPIC On-boarding - DIS: Ellen Swoger, ext. 5-9847, or Connie Ratcliffe, ext. 59816,; or William McKeithen, ext. 50871,

    Promotions and Tenure - Office of Academic Affairs: Dorothy Singleton ext. 54883,