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  • Professional Portal Program (PPP)

    The Professional Portal Program was formerly known as the Professional Portal Track (PPT). Admission criteria and selection process for candidates has remained the same, and criteria for automatic admission to medical school has not changed.

    Sequential steps

    The PPP program consists of three sequential steps listed below:

    • PPP Requirements for Students:

      • Full-time participation in and completion of summer MCAT/DAT review program offered by the Division of Multicultural Affairs. MCAT/DAT should be taken during this summer but must be taken not later than September.
      • Enrollment in and successful completion of all requirements for the Masters of Biomedical Sciences degree (BMS Track) offered by the UMMC School of Graduate Studies. Grades from these courses will be used to calculate the GPA considered for direct admission to medical/dental school.
      • Submit completed medical (AMCAS) or dental school application by the regular application deadline with required supporting documents. Grades from Masters of Biomedical Sciences courses will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee. 

    Recognizing the value of non-traditional approaches to improving health care for medically underserved communities and populations in Mississippi, the Professional Portal Program will identify, nurture and maximize the academic potential of students who strive towards careers in health care or biomedical science that will benefit the underserved of this state.


    The Professional Portal Program will provide a mentor-based, comprehensive program that offers a terminal degree in the biomedical sciences suitable as preparation for teaching at the community/junior college level, as advanced training for governmental and industrial positions, and as an indication of competitiveness for admission to the University of Mississippi Schools of Medicine (M.D.), Dentistry (D.M.D.) and Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences (Ph.D.).

    Criteria for admission to the PPP include: 1) formal application and denial of admission to either the School of Medicine, School of Dentistry or School of Graduate Studies in Health Sciences at UMMC; 2) Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) or Dental Admissions Test (DAT) scores not more than three years old; 3) belonging to racial or ethnic groups under-represented in medicine or coming from an environmentally or economically disadvantaged background; 4) recommendation by the medical, dental or graduate school's admission officer; and 4) invitation to apply by the Professional Portal Program director.

    Residency requirements and time limitations for the Professional Portal Program are the same as those listed in the UMMC Bulletin for the Master of Science program. The degree requires the completion of 45 quarter hours of graduate level credit and the maintenance of a B average. A maximum of 15 students will be enrolled in each class.


    The Professional Portal Program at the UMMC School of Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences utilizes the power of mentorship to attract, sustain and empower students underrepresented in medicine or from environmentally and/or economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

    Objectives are to:

    • Identify, recruit and enroll students whose academic credentials are less than competitive with the current applicant pool but whose non-cognitive, non-academic and professional attributes are consistent with those sought by this institution's programs of professional study related to health care and biomedical sciences;
    • Apply an individually tailored, mentor-based system of instruction and support that will maximize a participant's study and test taking skills, positive self-expression and confidence;
    • Deliver an academically rigorous course of instruction in contemporary post-baccalaureate biomedical sciences that will prepare graduates to successfully compete for admission and complete M.D., D.M.D or Ph.D. programs at UMMC.