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  • Diversity Commitment

    The University of Mississippi Medical Center's statement of purpose (see Medical Center overview) states in part:

    The Medical Center offers equal opportunity in all its programs and services regardless of race, sex, color, religion, marital status, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or veterans status. Mississippi's population is culturally diverse. Most Mississippians trace their own ancestral roots to the British Isles, the continent of Europe or the continent of Africa. The state also has many citizens of American Indian, Asian or Pacific Island and Hispanic descent. In policy and practice, the institution encourages and actively recruits applicants from all segments of the state's population. The Medical Center is committed to maintaining an educational environment that fosters respect for and sensitivity to individual differences; promotes personal and professional development; and gives all students the opportunity to succeed, regardless of ethnicity, gender or socioeconomic status.

    The University of Mississippi School of Medicine adheres to this mission statement to assure the diversity of the school's student body. Mississippi's largest minority population is African-American. To aid in the recruitment of these Mississippians, the School of Medicine offers three scholarships, covering tuition, fees, books and most monthly living allowances, to first-year students. The scholarship is renewable annually if the recipient remains in good academic standing. Recipients must commit to reside and practice in Mississippi for five years. Additional partial scholarships for minority students are available.


    • The associate dean for medical school admissions and representatives from the UMMC Division of Multicultural Affairs routinely recruit on the state's historically black campuses - as well as those which are majority white.
    • The Division of Multicultural Affairs, established in 1973, also coordinates programs that address the needs of students who are underrepresented in the student body, and/or from disadvantaged groups and/or rural or medically underserved counties. Programs range from those which encourage junior high and senior high students to go into the health professions to workshops on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) and a formal summer program, which provides educational reinforcement for college-level students and accepted first-year medical students prior to their fall enrollment.
    • The Division of Multicultural Affairs provides a pool of tutors year-round at no charge to assist any student who finds the professional learning environment challenging.
    • The UMMC Office of Academic Counseling also works with students on an individual (or group) basis to help them maximize their academic potential through programs designed to meet the student's special learning needs.
    • The Medical Center's chapter of the Minority Student Health Professional Association sponsors social and educational enrichment activities for minority students throughout the academic session to give members the opportunity to interact with role models. The Student National Medical Association conducts a program of monthly meetings for local high school students to stimulate, encourage and guide them toward health professional careers.

    For more information on these scholarships and programs, contact:

    • Division of Multicultural Affairs 
      University of Mississippi Medical Center
      2500 N. State St.
      Jackson, MS 39216. 
      Phone: (601) 984-1340