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  • Why We Exist

    Number of Americans who die from breast cancer each year: 42,297

    • Number who die from motor vehicle accidents: 43,458
    • Number who die from medical errors: 44,000-98,000
    Percent of Americans who report that they or a family member have experienced a medical error:22

    • Annual cost to the American economy from preventable patient injury resulting from medical errors: $17 billion to $29 billion
    Percent of health care workers who don't clean their hands between patients: 50 to 80

    • Number of patients each year who acquire infections in U.S. hospitals: 1.7 million
    Rank of U.S. among major industrialized countries in per capita spending: 1

    • Rank of U.S. in rate of deaths from conditions we know how to prevent or treat: 1
    Percent of black Americans who must wait six days or longer to be seen by a doctor when sick:  36

    • Percent of white Americans who have to wait that long: 16
    Percent of Americans who said in 2007 that the quality of the health care system was "poor": 29

    • Percent who said that in 1998: 15
    Percent of American adults who think that their health care system must be rebuilt completely: 34

    • Percent of adults in the U.K. with that opinion: 15
    • Percent of Dutch adults with that opinion: 9

    YOU CAN HELP CHANGE THESE NUMBERS.  The IHI Open School for Health Professions can help.