Quality Improvement

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  • About Us

    The UMMC Quality Improvement Student Interest Group (UMMC QI SIG) is a newly formed (as of January 2013) inter-professional chapter of the Cambridge Massachusetts Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School for Health Professionals.  Together, we are working toward advancing skills in patient safety and quality improvement.  Schools involved on the University of Mississippi Medical Center campus include:


    Our Vision

    We, committed students and faculty, will create an environment conducive to changes that lead to better patient health, patient care, and professional development.


    Our Values

    Our chapter is guided by these beliefs:

    • One can utilize health professions students and health care professionals to work together toward the goals of enhanced patient safety and improvements in the quality of care.
    • Health professions students are often an untapped resource for new ideas and decreased bias in the search for weaknesses and improvements in patient safety and quality improvement areas.
    • Early integration of health professions students increases their abilities for quality improvement far more than dividing them up as single professions.
    • Opportunities for increasing the safety and improving the quality of health care for patients can be identified by any member of an academic health care community and that the efforts can be directed from the bottom up.
    • Quality Improvement is a continuous process, and the opportunity to improve does not imply that deficits or failures exist.


    Our Goals

    • Continue monthly chapter meetings and invite various members of UMMC's Quality Administration to speak and teach
    • Create a database of quality improvement projects and generate student interest and involvement in these projects
    • Present or publish results of patient safety or quality improvement projects at relevant conferences and in peer-reviewed journals
    • Obtain IHI Open School basic Certificates of Completion for all group members via IHI's online curriculum
    • Integrate quality improvement and patient safety into the curriculum of UMMC's schools
    • Continue to have the support and guidance of various faculty advisors