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  • Trauma Surgery Research

    This is an interdisciplinary study of functional genomics in critical care injury. To improve our understanding of the integrated response to trauma induced clinical conditions we have initially studied genetic markers associated with inflammatory responses using a focus array. The inflammatory response takes place very early after the insult, thus, we are testing patient’s blood with a panel of risk factors associated with inflammatory pathway genes within the first 72 hours upon admission to the SICU. The expectation is that some of the risk factors may be present prior to the occurrence of complications and the detection might allow preventing clinical complications such as sepsis and organ dysfunction. Our goal is by using a combined hospital-base and laboratory-base high-throughput Immunogenetics markers in the context of health and social disparity to develop a framework which can be used for screening SICU patients upon the admission. Such framework would help early prediction and a prospective treatment strategy to prevent severity of the complications.

    • Collaborators: John Porter, MD, Trauma Director; Gregory Timberlake, MD Trauma surgeon; Amber Kyle, Mgr. Trauma Program; and Marjolyn Brock, Medical Abstractor