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  • Surgery Interest Group

    The Surgery Interest Group at the University of Mississippi Medical Center will be created to foster an interest in the field of surgery and to facilitate a better understanding of the practice of surgery and its subspecialties through professional contacts, exposure to the operative experience and an accurate representation of the lifestyle of a surgeon.

    The Surgery Interest Group will strive to meet the interests and needs of all medical students at UMMC's School Of Medicine who are interested in the field of surgery. The goals of the Surgery Interest Group are as follows:

    • To organize meetings and activities related to teaching, learning, and discussion of issues relating to surgery;
    • To promote professional relationships between medical students, residents and attending physicians.


    • Simulation center

      The Simulation Center houses state of the art center laparoscopic and endoscopic simulators. The surgery residents have 24-hour a day access to practice and progress through a set curriculum at their own pace. The simulation center supports the emphasis on minimally invasive surgery and endoscopic procedures.

      In the spring, Dr. Vick opened the simulation center to M1’s and M-2’s. The medical students are given an opportunity to use the simulators to enhance their exposure to the educational component of surgery and some of the equipment and skills used in the field of surgery.

    • Shadowing

      Medical students at all levels have the opportunity to “shadow” an attending in surgery. The medical student participates in the surgery team for a day (day, afternoon, night) and see first hand the life of a surgeon without waiting until the M-3 year. Surgical service options available through the Surgery Interest Group: Trauma Surgery, General Surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Surgical Critical Care, Pediatric Surgery, Urology and Plastic Surgery.

      For more information, contact Jan Simpson by e-mail or at (601) 984-5114.