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  • Lectures

    A monthly conference schedule is distributed each month. There are two conferences per day, one at noon and one at 4 p.m. Resident attendance at all conferences is expected except in the infrequent occasions where the resident must be occupied with emergency patient care. Residents are expected to be present promptly at the beginning of each conference; a written roll of attendance is kept for documentation.

    Conferences encompass all areas of radiology. Specialty conferences are held monthly in conjunction with gastroenterology, emergency medicine, internal medicine and gynecology. Residents and staff on pediatrics and adult body CT/MRI rotations attend pediatric and adult tumor board conferences. Mortality and morbidity conferences are held monthly.

    Resident-led trauma lectures take place in the first half of the year prior to the start of the new first call residents. Physics lectures take place during six weeks of the second half of the year. Special afternoon lectures for first-year residents are given by the associate program director/program director in the afternoons three days a week during the first half of the year.

    Several times a year, visiting professors from throughout the country are invited to provide intense symposia for the residents in their subspecialty fields of expertise.