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  • Projects

    Trauma-informed care for addicted pregnant and postpartum women in the Mississippi Delta  

    The goal of this project is to disseminate evidence-based, trauma-informed care to addicted pregnant and postpartum women (PPW), their children, and their partners. Psychology trainees have the opportunity to provide treatment, via telepsychotherapy, to PPWs seeking treatment at a residential facility located in the Mississippi Delta and their children. Funded by 1H79TI025557.

    Mechanisms of change, motivation, and treatment outcome in substance dependence-posttraumatic stress disorder

    The goal of this treatment study is to learn if people with a substance use disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSFD) do better if their PTSD is treated while they are in substance abuse treatment. We are also interested in understanding why or why not people's substance abuse treatment outcome improve following treatment for PTSD. Funded by R01AA016816-01A1. (PI: Coffey Co-PI: Schumacher-Coffey)


    Program of excellence in practice and dissemination of motivational interviewing

    This project was an education grant to develop a method to disseminate motivational interviewing via academically minded psychologists to community treatment providers. Currently, the project is focusing on dissemination of prolonged exposure for PTSD. All psychology residents participate as trainees on this project and. Funded by R25 MH084785. (PI: Schumacher-Coffey; Co-I: Coffey)