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  • UMMC Neuropsychology Rotation

    Dr. Manning

    Consultation service is provided to medical specialties including UMMC Pediatric and Adult Neurology, Pediatric and Adult Neurosurgery, Trauma, Pediatric and Adult Psychiatry. Patient population ranges from children to senior adults. Diagnoses are for acute conditions, such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, and altered mental status associated with other trauma and other conditions such as epilepsy, dementia or non-epileptic seizures. Services include bedside exams, more formal neuropsychological examinations/testing, physician and staff education/training regarding behavioral aspects  of management of acute conditions, recommendations for ongoing rehabilitation and (for epilepsy surgery candidates) sodium amytal/Wada procedures and cortical mapping. Children seen are typically followed during their stay at Children's Rehabilitation Center. Available outpatient services include follow-up visits/consultations for patients who are seen initially as inpatients for the conditions noted above, along with other requests for evaluation and treatment of post-acute TBI and stroke, dementia, learning disorders and other disruptive behavior disorders affecting academic performance.