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  • Psychology Internship Training Program Research Preceptors

    Robert Annett

    • Research: Chronic childhood disease and treatment's impact on neuropsychological functioning and quality of life; adolescent decision making for clinical research; pediatric asthma and child CNS functioning; pediatric cancer and child CNS functioning; stress biomarkers and child neuropsychological function; developmental screening; genome wide association research and neurobehavioral function; cortical maturation (assessed with MEG) and brain development in term and preterm infants.
    • Experience with extramural funding: PI and Co-I on NIH grants (NHLBI, NICHD, CDC); PI for foundation grants; study section NIDDK, NICHD, and ALSF. 

    Courtney Bagge

    • Research: Validation of acute factors posing imminent risk for suicide attempt (i.e., warning signs); relations between suicidal behaviors, substance use disorders, personality, and borderline personality disorder; serotonergic genes and distinct impulsivity processes relating to suicide attempts; statistics and psychometrics (measure development).
    • Experience with extramural funding: PI on several large NIH grants; PI on a large multi-site Department of Defense grant; PI on a foundation grant; NIH LRP recipient.

    Scott Coffey

    • Research: Treatment of co-occurring PTSD and substance use disorders (SUD); the role of negative emotion in substance craving; impulsivity and emotional dysregulation; dissemination of evidence based psychotherapies; and the impact of large scale disasters on psychological health. Opportunities for original data collection, as well as data sets for secondary analysis are available in these areas.
    • Experience with extramural funding: PI and Co-I on NIH and SAMHSA grants, LRP recipient and supervisor for 3 LRP recipients, F32 Co-Sponsor, and grant reviewer for NIH Center for Scientific Review and NIAAA.

    Lani Greening

    • Research: Pediatric health including juvenile diabetes, childhood obesity, treatment adherence. Childhood psychopathology including externalizing & internalizing behavior disorders, child & adolescent suicide.

    Cynthia Karlson

    • Research: Chronic pain in children and adolescents; influence of mood and sleep disturbance on chronic pain symptoms in children and adolescents; biopsychosocial and family factors in chronic pain and adjustment to chronic illness; biopsychological interventions for chronic pain; neurocognitive functioning in pediatric oncology and sickle cell disease; health disparities and impact of socioeconomic status on outcomes in pediatric oncology and sickle cell disease.
    • Experience with funding: PI on NIH KL2 subaward, PI on Foundation grants, PI on Intramural and Intradepartmental grants, Grant submissions (e.g., Foundations, NIH/NCI K07) as PI and Co-PI.

    Crystal Lim

    • Research: Program of research focuses on the development and evaluation of pediatric obesity family-based behavioral weight management interventions, with current research focusing on identifying barriers related to engagement in healthy lifestyle behaviors experienced by overweight children and their parents that can inform the development of future novel interventions. Dr. Lim is also interested in further elucidating psychological and physical co-morbidities associated with pediatric obesity, as well as issues related to diversity and health disparities and how culture and family factors intersect with engagement in health behaviors.
    • Experience with funding: NIH/NHLBI NRSA Recipient; Grant submissions (e.g., R21, R01, K23) as PI and Co-PI to multiple NIH institutions (e.g., NICHD, NIDDK, NHLBI) and intramural mechanisms.

    Jefferson Parker

    • Research: Use of contingency management to enhance abstinence and participation in substance use disorder continuing care, early and brief interventions for substance use disorders, issues in mental health services delivery (wait lists, no shows/cancellations, patient flow).
    • Experience with funding: VA Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI), VA Health Services Research and Development (VA HSR&D), South Central Mental Illness Research and Education Clinical Center (MIRECC).

    Dustin E. Sarver

    • Research: Dr. Sarver's research interests are in the developmental psychopathology of ADHD and externalizing disorders, primarily in children. His research program aims to have a translational scope, and ranging from understanding neurocognitive dysfunction, and characterizing patterns of various functional impairment areas, and understanding physiological, cognitive, parenting, and contextual influences on behavioral treatments for ADHD and externalizing behavior. On the applied end, his clinical research is recently aimed at evaluating behavioral intervention programs (e.g., PCIT, CARE) designed to facilitate continuums of care for disruptive behavior in the community.
    • Experience with funding: State foundation and intramural Grant PI; Co-I on national foundation (Simon's national SPARK autism genetic study) grant; Grant submissions (e.g., R21, R34, K12) as PI and/or Co-I to NIH institutions (e.g., NIMH), NIH-supported (CCTS, COBRE) and various national foundational mechanisms.

    Julie Schumacher

    • Research: Areas of active research include: etiology and treatment of substance use disorders and violence perpetration/victimization; behavioral self-regulation as a construct that underlies several problem behaviors; motivational interviewing; dissemination and implementation of evidence based psychotherapies. Opportunities for original data collection, as well as data sets for secondary analysis are available in these topic areas.
    • Experience with extramural funding: PI on 3 NIH grants, LRP recipient and supervisor for 2 LRP recipients, F32 Primary Sponsor, and grant reviewer for NIH Center for Scientific Review, NIAAA Special Emphasis Panels, and CDC National Center for Injury Prevention and Control.