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  • Methodist Rehabilitation Hospital Neuropsychology/Behavioral Medicine Rotation

    Dr. Evans

    The goal of this rotation is to provide residents with supervised assessment and treatment of clinical cases in a rehabilitation setting. Experiences include consultation on inpatient brain-injury, stroke, general orthopedic, and spinal cord injury services.  Resident will learn to conduct bedside neuropsychological evaluations for TBI, stroke, anoxic brain injury, and brain tumor patient populations utilizing formal instruments such as 3MS, MOCA, CAP/GOAT, ABS, CRS and MAST to monitor patient change over time and report findings in the medical record.  Resident will learn to conduct and interpret formal neuropsychological evaluations and provide recommendations given in these types of settings. Resident will be supervised and trained in giving patient and family feedback on both formal and informal evaluations.  They will also be actively monitoring mood/emotional adjustment in patients, and there are opportunities for providing psychotherapy and behavioral interventions.  Residents will participate in weekly staffing for inpatient consults and work with treatment team members on specific behavioral or emotional issues.  There is opportunity for involvement with family conferences for provision of test results and education regarding course of recovery.