Mood and Suicide Laboratory

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  • Mood and Suicidal Behavior Laboratory

    The primary goal of our research is to increase understanding of the etiology, course, and treatment of suicidal behaviors across the lifespan. Incorporating a broad range of biological, behavioral, and psychological factors, our research focuses on establishing a nomological net to characterize observed associations with suicidality in terms of directionality, temporality, and mechanisms of action.

    Current research focuses on identifying and validating warning signs (e.g., acute substance use and interpersonal life events) for recent suicide attempts, as well as gaining a fine-grained understanding of suicidal phenomenon by deconstructing broad constructs and relations. We also are incorporating a multimethod biobehavioral approach to the study of suicidality by investigating associations between polymorphisms in serotonergic genes, laboratory behavioral tasks representing divergent processes of rash action, and suicide attempts.

    The director of the Mood and Suicidal Behavior Laboratory, Dr. Courtney Bagge, also has strong interests in substance use (e.g., drinking motives and SUDs), personality traits and disorders, statistics and psychometrics.