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  • Faculty

    There are now more than 40 faculty members in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior. Primary faculty members are engaged in patient care, psychiatric research and teaching medical students, residents and fellows at University of Mississippi Medical Center.

    Secondary (affiliate) faculty members hold a primary appointment in another department at UMMC or the G.V. "Sonny" Montgomery Veteran Affairs Medical Center and enhance the scholarship of our department through teaching and scientific collaborations.


    • Scott M. Rodgers, MD, Professor, Psychiatry -  View profile

    Vice Chairs

    Clinical Affairs

    • Jefferson D. Parker, PhD, Associate Professor, Psychiatry - View profile


    • Julie A. Schumacher-Coffey, PhD, Professor, Psychology - View profile


    • Scott F. Coffey, PhD, Professor, Psychology - View profile


    Associate Professors

    Assistant Professors


    Affiliated Faculty

    • Rob Annett
    • Ruth Black, EdD, PhD, Instructor, University Hospital
    • Susan Buttross, Assistant Professor, Child Development 
    • Joy H. Clark, PhD, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Methodist Rehabilitation Center
    • Kirtida Desai, MD
    • Clea C. Evans, PhD, Director of Neuropsychology, Methodist Rehabilitation Center
    • Patrick D. Hopkins, PhD., Professor, Psychiatry, Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities & Philosophy
    • Cynthia Karlson, PhD, Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
    • Rick C.S. Lin, PhD, Professor, Anatomy -  View profile
    • Patricia Logan
    • Ed Manning
    • Warren "Paul" May, PhD, Professor, Anatomy - View profile
    • Dustin Sarver
    • Nina Wong Sarver
    • Dorothy Scattone, Assistant Professor, Child Development
    • Kimberly Simpson, Assistant Professor, Anatomy -  View profile
    • Monica Sutton
    • Jun Ming Wang, PhD, Associate Professor, Pathology -  View profile

    Secondary Faculty

    Affiliate faculty

    Namita Khanna Arora, MD


    Molly Clark, PhD


    Brian Crabtree, PhD

    Edgar Draper, MD 


    Deborah Gross, MD


    James W. Irby, PhD 

    Sudhakar Madakasira, MD


    Naila Mamoon, PhD 


    John Montgomery, MO

    Gerald C. O'Brien, PhD


    Michael Rack, MD


    Benjamin Root, Jr.

    Philip Louis Scurria, MD


    Margaret E. Tidd, MD


    Cynthia Undesser, MD

    John E. Wilkaitis, MD


    John Noel Young, PhD



    VA faculty

    • John Beddingfield, MD, Assistant Professor 
    • Ted Bennett, PhD, Assistant Professor 
    • James Brister, MD, Assistant Professor
    • Kelly Buckholdt, PhD, VA Affiliate Faculty
    • Randy Burke, PhD, Assistant Professor
    • Kevin Connolly, PhD, Assistant Professor
    • Jeanne Gabriele, PhD, Assistant Professor
    • Nathalie Lara, MD, VA Affiliate Faculty
    • Judith Lyons, PhD, Associate Professor
    • Elizabeth Nosen, PhD, Assistant Professor
    • Michael Ritter, PhD, Assistant Professor
    • Bimal Deep Aujla, MD, VA Affiliate Faculty